ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent


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Stay mosquito free with ThermaCELL White Appliance. ThermaCELL provides 98% effective mosquito protection without the mess or stink of sprays or lotions applied on the skin.åÊProduct FeaturesRepels up to 98% of mosquitoes. Also repels black flies, no-see ums and sand flies.åÊProvides a 15 x 15 ft Bug-Free-ZoneCompact, Cordless and Portable …… Take it anywhere!åÊNO DEET!åÊOdor freeåÊEffective alternative to smelly lotions and sprays which must be applied to the skin.åÊTested and approved by the U.S. Army. Currently used in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.åÊPerfect for camping, caravanning, fishing, barbeques, back gardens, decks and many other outdoor activities.åÊHow It WorksåÊThermaCELL uses revolutionary, patented technology to dispense a small amount of repellent into the air over a long period of time.åÊThermaCELL is powered by a butane cartridge which provides the cordless, portable heat necessary to operate the device (batteries are not needed).åÊIt directs the heat to a metal grill. A mat saturated with Allethrin, a copy of a naturally occurring insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers, is placed on top of the metal grill.åÊThe heat generated by the butane cartridge vaporizes the repellent allowing it to rise into the air, creating a 15 x 15 ft (225 sq ft) Mosquito-Free-Zone in minutes.åÊThe repellent is very unpleasant to mosquitoes, but when used as directed, will not harm humans or pets.US Army TestingEfficacy Summary:ThermaCELL is a new Area Repellent System developed under a cooperative research and development agreement between The Schawbel Corporation and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.åÊThis area repellent device has been tested by Dr. Michael Perich in the field with U.S. Army Units in Korea and found to provide excellent protection (Up to 98% from biting mosquitoes especially Malaria Vectors in Korea).Unpublished studies conducted at other locations gave excellent comparable results.A study conducted in the “Joint Security Area” near Pan Mun Jom in the summer of 1998 thoroughly evaluated ThermaCELL in open guard posts and bunkers.åÊLabel directions were closely followed. Mosquito landing counts were used to collect data on the mosquito populations in the bunker study.åÊStandard mosquito light traps baited with CO2 were used in guard posts to measure the level of mosquito activity before and during treatment.åÊControl sites were maintained with no ThermaCELL treatment.åÊNinety Five plus percent (95%) of the mosquitoes captured were Anopheles sinensis, the primary malaria vector for the region.åÊA level of protection from malaria mosquitoes of 81% to 98% was achieved using ThermaCELL in open bunkers and guard posts.åÊThese results are the best yet reported for a product developed for use as an area repellent system.

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